Restaurant Timothy Goffin

In the restaurant of Timothy Goffin,
which bears his name,
the taste is what matters.
Timothy is passionate about
flavor combinations in which
he tries to express himself.
Here top products are inventively
processed into refined dishes with
always that one goal in mind,
a surprising combination of flavors
(sour, bitter, salt) on your plate.
In his restaurant, opened last year,
he prepares innovative dishes
based on fresh seasonal products. In 2010, Timothy Goffin was able
to fulfill his long-cherished dream,
his own restaurant. Together with
his wife Valerie he now runs
a cozy living room restaurant.
Timothy is passionate about flavors.
Spoil his guests with dishes that surprise
you with their combination
of flavors that is what he does.
Timothy worked in a number of
top restaurants during his 20-year career.
He started his career at "De Karmeliet ***"
and then worked in, among others,
the "Sans Cravatte *",
"De Gouden Haerynck *", ....
Just before he started the restaurant,
he cooked as a private chef
for a large industrialist.